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Often despised, sometimes little respected, and very often even beaten because the salt would have rubbed off on the meal, they do not say a word.

They are these brave women who have left the rural world in search of a better future, often with their only possessions, a bundle where they pile all their clothes.

They thus become the spirit of a whole family, not to say every village.
With a pittance, they somehow manage to manage the family left behind.

Still up at dawn, they take care of the children who have to go to school, go out to buy bread for breakfast, and then begin the marathon of running the house.

These girls deserve an honorable mention because sometimes they are sexually assaulted by some men, but for fear of losing their jobs, they prefer to keep quiet and refuse to denounce, because in the end who will believe them?
It is rare that they receive congratulations, but let’s face it that in some families, these house fairies are welcomed and are sometimes even considered as children of the house.

So, let’s have a more respectful look towards these people… who thanks to them, our houses breathe happiness, tranquility and joy, in addition to simmering us very good dishes.

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