Ghanaian woman jailed in the US and deported because of her cousin

The heart-wrenching biography of a Ghanaian woman who suffered multiple tragedies, after her “kind” deed towards a cousin backfired on her, has been shared in the program’s booklet for her obituary.

The woman named Barbara was buried on Friday, September 10, after years of illness. Barbara was married, had two children, and lived in the United States. She also had a great job as an accountant at an investment firm in the United States. However, her ordeal began after the birth of her second child.

Her parents in Ghana decided to look for someone to help her care for her children and Barbara’s mother’s cousin Margaret Ama Owusuwaa, who overheard the conversation “volunteered” to to help.

According to the Twitter user, Axel, who shared the story, Barbara’s mother, who was a sitting minister in Ghana and was from a political party in Ghana, was reluctant but then agreed to her cousin going to the States. – United with a 6 month visa to help her daughter.

Arriving in the United States, Ama lived with Barbara but a few days before her visa expired, as her return to Ghana approached, she allegedly ran to American immigration and “lied” that Barabara had gotten along. with his mother to send him to the United States as a slave to serve Barbara.

This led to trials which resulted in Barbara spending 5 years in prison and being deported to Ghana after 5 years and a few months in prison.

While serving her prison term, she developed a number of illnesses, including a brain tumor, and had to undergo three open-head operations. She eventually died in Ghana.

Before her death, the ordeal also caused the death of her mother, and her husband also died.

As for Ama, she obtained a residence permit in the United States because she told the American authorities that her husband and children in Ghana were at risk of persecution because Barbara’s mother was a minister in Ghana.

The United States sent officials to pick up her husband and children in Ghana, and they were granted political asylum in the United States.

Axel says Ama and her husband have both gone blind now and suffered a stroke that left her paralyzed in the United States.

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