DON’T convince anybody to marry You.

Nobody should marry you solely because you CONVINCED them to do so, rather they should marry you because they were CONVICTED to and they CHOSE to.

If you have to go out of your way to convince someone that you are Husband/Wife material and a relationship BEGINS and is SUSTAINED based on that convincing alone, meaning:

(1) They were never interested, and

(2) They would have never chosen you if you didn’t “convince” them, and

(3) They would leave you any day you stop convincing them, you are courting trouble if these be the case…..

Giving a Man sex/nudes so he doesn’t leave you, using money and gifts to influence her reply to your proposal

Crying and constantly begging to be Loved, enduring toxic and abusive treatment from someone just because you are desperate to keep him/her.

Dear Lady, don’t cheapen yourself begging him to marry you.

Dear Brother, don’t deny yourself of the opportunity to experience the genuine Love of a Wife by forcing yourself on a lady that doesn’t want to be with you.

Don’t put yourself in danger through COMPROMISE just to CONVINCE someone that marrying you is the best thing that can happen to THEM, because marrying them may be the worst thing that will happen to YOU.

It is FALSE if you have to FORCE it…

Don’t just marry the person that you want to marry, be sure the person also wants to Marry you..

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