Sometimes in life, we’re faced with different challenges. Some are common while others are not. It might seem things are not going, working, or moving well with us, but believe me, they are.

It just depends on how you are seeing things, as in- the angle you’re seeing things from. If you’re glimpsing at possibility from the angle of impossibility, all you’ll see is an impossibility.

I have seen numerous people who should have made it in life, but they couldn’t because what they could see in all their efforts was fruitless, impossibility, wasting of time, all negative thing and they gave up. “Man is what he imagines to himself.”

“Where life place man doesn’t hinder a man, but where man places himself.”

Reasons you shouldn’t give up;

▪️Many destinies are tied to yours.

▪️Many might not rise if you refuse to rise.

▪️Many might not get to the top if you refuse to get up and start stepping on the staircase.

▪️Many might not walk if you refuse to take a step.

▪️Many might not see if you refuse to put on the light.

▪️Many might not hear if you refuse to speak.

Nations are waiting for your rising.

Destinies are waiting for your manifestation.

Lives are waiting for your exploitation.

Generations are waiting to drink from your well of greatness.

Can you see why you shouldn’t give up? If not for your sake, at least for the sake of those who are desperately waiting for you.

You don’t need to give up!

Keep pressing on!

You’ll make it!

©Opeyemi Otukoya

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