“Thank you, Jesus!” Mercy mumbled as she flopped on the couch in her living room

“How was your outing?” Her flatmate asked with a smile as she joined her

“Thank God” she replied tiredly “the Pastor was counselling a couple when we got there, so we have to wait,” she said as she shrugged her shoulder, “I thought I will just introduce him as my fiancé, tell him about our introduction and leave o, I didn’t know we are literally in for counselling” she smiled “but I enjoyed the counselling anyway,”

Her friend grinned “I trust my pastor! You can’t visit his office and remain the same”

“I got a pamphlet for you on my way from the office, it was basically written for those who are in courtship and would soon get married just like you. It would surely help you. Let me bring it for you” she said with a blush as she stood to leave.

“I congratulate you for the privilege to have been able to know who to marry (Prov 18:22, 19:14)” she started reading after her friend had given it to her

Hmm, it has been a while you have been in courtship, and I am very sure you are glad to take it to the next level by getting married to your heartthrob. But before you tie the knot, I will like you to read this and make the necessary adjustment.

– Ensure you involve God in all the arrangements and planning. Be sensitive to His leading and be obedient.

– Pray together but not behind a closed door. Pray about the best date to be chosen for your introduction and wedding programme. Pray about your bridal trains if you are planning to have one. Pray about the programme and the people to handle it. Courtship is the time to prepare for your future, so there is nothing like idleness. Some wonder what they could be possibly doing together if sex or romance is forbidden during courtship, my dear, there is a lot to be done if you allow the Holy Spirit to take the lead.

– Work on your spiritual lives, if you discover any weakness, work on it. Remember, your partner that doesn’t pray together with you while in courtship can’t turn to a prayer warrior overnight after the marriage.

– Go for counselling with someone that have a good testimony and necessary skills.

– Surround yourself with people who could join you in prayer. People who are not only interested in the bridal shower but a prayer shower.

– Avoid premarital sex at all cost. You must be extra careful at this time because the propensity for temptation would be very high. Take heed!

– Work on your temperament because you will soon start living with someone whom you didn’t grow together with. Pray and work on bad habits that could destroy your marriage. Some people married God’s will for their life but destroy their marriage by their bad habits. Such as hatred, nagging, laziness, dirtiness, talkativeness, malice, stubbornness, strong-willed, procrastinating, nonchalant attitude etc. And if you can’t accommodate people, start learning because many people would be coming to visit you now especially if you are planning to marry a pastor.

– Are you capable of taking care of more than one person? If not, find a good job or pray for insight into something that could earn you money.

– Do you have appropriate accommodation? If not, find one! It is not compulsory you get a big house but a comfortable one for a start. That is better than living with relatives after you are married.

– How much home training do you have? Home training like; Cooking, cleaning, taking care of children, tolerating people you are living with, loving and helping others etc.
Also learn how to communicate with respect and how to address issues, Develop good human relation skills.

– Marriage is a divine institution, how much preparation do you have about the institution? Read good books written on marriage and attend marriage seminars

– Learn how to relate with in-laws because you can’t do without them

– Discuss your sexual life. If you have any health challenge, discuss it and keep no secret from each other

– Don’t entertain any fear, be emotionally stable and be sensitive to God’s leading.

– Pray to God for wisdom to build your home. Devil doesn’t want any marriage to succeed but yours shall not fail in Jesus name. Be prayerful!

– Be wise in managing your home. Avoid wastage by all means.

– Don’t borrow to do your wedding. Avoid unnecessary spendings and ensure you cut your coat according to your cloth.

– Don’t be led by the trend but by the spirit of God. The fact that many people are doing something doesn’t make it right. It shall be a success in Jesus name.

Above all, let Christ be the head of your home because He is the prince of peace but that can’t be possible if you have not yet given your life to Him. You can confess your sins and accept Jesus as your personal saviour today.
God bless you as you do so.

NOTE: Nobody is perfect, however, you need to do your best to make your marriage a happy one. God will help you in Jesus name. Shalom

She smiled “Wow! I love this. I will definitely give it to my fiance because this write up is not meant for only ladies”

” Yes, he needs to read it. It takes two to tango”

“Thanks for your kind gesture”

Blushed ” you are welcome!”


Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers (couples) dwell in unity (Psalm 133:1). Shalom


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