A Woman is A Provider!

A Woman is A Provider!

One of the great reasons why a lot of relationships and marriage could not work out is that of provisions.

A lot of ladies and women go into marriage with a wrong mind set of provision. A woman always believes that her man should provide for her basic needs. As a father and as a husband, he must provide for the family. This is good! A man who is able to do that is a good man.

But let me tell you this, it is so wrong to believe that a man must do this while you can’t provide anything too. A complete relationship or marriage is one which both of them is a provider.

Marriage can’t be sweet without money! Let’s learn this and change our mind set. A woman must also be a provider for herself and her home to enjoy her marriage.

We are no more in the age where women stay at home and do not work. We are in the age where women who stays at home even works from home.

When you can provide for yourself first as a woman in your marriage. The crises of marriage is about 30% solved. Insufficient money is a major marriage problem, leading to many other problems in home.

Before you become committed to any relationship, be committed to something that will fetch you income, however small. This God can bless and make big.

Let’s stop running or rushing into marriage empty handed. Only few men can foot the bill without you participating fully in the family income.

Don’t be ruled by emotions! Don’t allow emotions blind you to the right things. Think straight when it comes to marriage.

Most men did not plan for what is happening right now in their homes. They really love their wives from the onset. And they think they can foot the bills all alone. Asking you to go into marriage while still at school having nothing to take care of yourself may work for some but not all.

When children comes in and income is no longer enough. Financial frictions will start, fightings and arguments on money matter will start. He still loves you! But he didn’t know it will be that way.

Women are always at the center of the family crises. People will come back to blame the woman, who can not be patient or manage with her man. Wisdom is lacking!

If you desire early marriage, please desire early income as a woman. You are a provider. You need to provide for yourself, husband and family.

You are a helper! You need to help your husband. A lot of ladies leave a relationship because the man is not giving them this and that. Drop that mediocre spirit!

A woman herself is a giver. When a man notice that you are complete and can provide for yourself, he will treat you specially. You need not ask him if he is a good man before he does the right things.

Abigail gave to David before she even be his queen. Dorcas not only provide for her family, but for the society. The good woman in the book of proverbs our example today, bought land, planted and made good business. She provided for her home. The words says; her husband is not looking for extra gain because she was capable. She was a provider!

Change your mentality today! Say to yourself, I am a provider! Stop running after recharge cards, shoe, dresses, bags and weave on money, while you loose your chastity. Because of this most ladies lost their great glory of provisions to sins of adulteries and fornications.

Ladies! Start out your journey this year with that mind set. Women instead of fighting for more money with your husband, start praying for divine help and favour and start thinking on what small business you can start to help yourself and your family.

I pray for all women and ladies here, that Lord all mighty will favour you and send help to you to become a provider in Jesus name.

Evang Kemi Longe 

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