This Egg Sandwich Recipe Is What You Need For A Quick And Easy Snack

Fast and easy foods are good for one major reason; they deliver a lovely juicy taste that you need fast and easy.

Egg sandwich falls within the finger food set that are served for light breakfasts, lunches, and easy outdoors events like a picnic.

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Sandwiches are simple but give you the exquisite taste of bread, vegetables and cream. There are different types of sandwiches made in different ways and different style, but they all fall under the same category.

For a fast and easy sandwich you can make within  5 minutes, the simple Egg Sandwich is your go to.


2 slices of bread (use whatever type of bread you eat)

1 Egg

2-3 slices of plum tomato

A strip of lettuce

Slice of cheese

Slice of ham

Mayonnaise Creme

sliced cabbage (14 handful)

sliced carrot (14 handful)

Easy Steps

1. spread two slices of bread

2. Mix sliced cabbage and carrots together in a bowl with mayonnaise or creme

3. Spread mixed vegetable on a slice of bread. Careful not to add too much.

4. Add your lettuce

5. Add your slice of ham

6. Fry egg into an omelette and place on vegetable.

7. Add your cheese and tomato on the layer

8. Place other piece of bread on the layered bread and press down. Make sure the contents don’t spill. And done Your sandwich is ready to be eaten.

If you want an exquisite taste, you can refrigerate for 5-10 minutes. You can also toast your bread if you want a brown taste with it.

See why easy and fast foods are the best!




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