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This 5-Minute Video Will Help You Prepare Corn Fufu For Your Family

Since it’s going to be an all free day tomorrow because of the Presidential election, you can put those free times to use after voting of course. Invest those free times to trying new a recipe with the African sauce. For today’s post, our radar is on Corn Fufu. 

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Corn Fufu (Nni Oka) is the fufu meal that Nigerian caterers run to when they want to feed a large crowd. This fufu meal contains amazing nutrients that would make you love it. Here’s the recipe.


1.1 part cornmeal (coarse corn flour)

2. 4 parts cassava flour

3. Water


  1. Measure out the cornflour and cassava flour into a dry container and mix them very well to get the perfect corn fufu mix.
  2. I usually make the Corn Fufu that I can finish with one and a half cups of water. I pour this into a clean pot and set to boil.
  3. When it boils, reduce the heat to low and steadily add the Corn Fufu mix into the pot of water while mixing at the same time with a spatula. Watch the video below to see this in action.
  4. As the mix becomes thicker and you can feel it on your spatula, stop adding the corn fufu mix but keep mixing till a smooth ball of dough is achieved.
  5. Add a few drops of water to the Corn Fufu, cover the pot and let it steam all over, the time it will take depends on the quantity of Corn Fufu that you are making. For caterers who make a large pot of corn fufu, this will take a while but for a single portion, it will take at most 2 minutes.
  6. When it has steamed very well, mix again till everything is well combined.

Below is a video to help you prepare this meal.

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